YM BioSciences: Two posters on nimotuzumab accepted for presentation at AACR

December 08, 2015

YM is also developing its IntelliMab(TM) technology which is designed to generate novel antibodies that selectively target cancer cells while avoiding receptors found in normal tissue. This proprietary approach to the design and selection of molecules permits IntelliMab-generated antibodies to maximize anticancer activity while minimizing toxic adverse effects. IntelliMabs are promising for a number of conditions and targets as well as for conjugation to a range of highly potent toxins.

"These data will reinforce our position that antibodies with superior targeting are ideal for delivery of toxic payloads selectively to cancer cells," said Sean Thompson, Vice President of Corporate Development at YM and General Manager of the IntelliMab platform. "IntelliMabs are excellent drug candidates in their own right and should ideally be safe delivery vehicles for use with conjugation technologies. The presentation of data by Dr. Reilly's lab is an important step both for nimotuzumab and the IntelliMab platform."

The second poster presentation describes interaction of nimotuzumab with a mutant form of EGFR called variant III (EGFRvIII). This variant is frequently expressed in glioblastomas and results in enhanced transformation, reduced apoptosis, and resistance to therapy. Nimotuzumab was demonstrated to bind to EGFRvIII with similar strength as to the non-mutant form of the EGF receptor. This adds to the extensive body of knowledge concerning development of nimotuzumab in brain tumours where the antibody demonstrated encouraging results in early clinical trials treating adult and pediatric gliomas. Nimotuzumab is currently in a phase III study in combination with radiation/temozolomide, against radiation/temozolomide alone, with preliminary results expected in the second half of 2010.

The poster entitled "Nimotuzumab, a humanized anti-epidermal growth factor receptor antibody, interacts with EGFRvIII" will be presented Monday April 19, from 9-12pm in Exhibit Hall A-C, Poster Section 31 (Abstract # 1778) by Maria L. Jaramillo, a scientist from the National Research Council Biotechnology Research Institute.

Abstracts for the posters will be posted at the time of presentation at www.ymbiosciences.

SOURCE YM BioSciences Inc.