Stem Cell Assurance performs first regenerative cell breast augmentation surgery

October 21, 2015

By using the Stem Cell Assurance method of breast augmentation, Dr. Handal was able to provide the patient with an augmentation that retains the natural look and feel of the breast.  This technique is currently the only way to perform a breast augmentation without introducing a foreign implant into the body.  The patient's own fat and regenerative cells are used to create a graft for reinsertion to the breast, resulting in no risk of the body rejecting it.  The Stem Cell Assurance technology offers improved outcomes in breast surgery. The fat volume retention rate is estimated to be 80% or more compared to the 30-50% survival rate of fat retention in previous fat grafting procedures.  This new procedure appears to offer a significant advantage with longer lasting results than traditional breast augmentation procedures.

Stem Cell Assurance believes that its method will provide surgeons with the ability to treat patients who may be apprehensive about implants but still want fuller-looking breasts.  Breast cancer patients will also now have another option for reconstruction after mastectomy.  "Our goal is to greatly improve the quality of breast surgery for patients, setting a new level of expectation for augmentation and fat grafting outcomes," said Kurt Wagner, MD, Chairman of the Company.  

The patient's clinical results will be monitored closely with scheduled follow-up by Dr. Handal.  More information on the surgery will soon be available on the Stem Cell Assurance website at www.stemcellassurance, including before-and-after photographs along with video footage of the procedure and technology.

SOURCE Stem Cell Assurance, Inc.