Soyfood consumption linked to decreased risk of breast cancer, finds study

September 10, 2015

The study's authors plan to continue tracking the participants' mortality and cancer recurrence rates and suggest more studies are needed to confirm their findings. Nevertheless, an editorial by Rachel Ballard-Barbash, MD, MPH, of the National Cancer Institute and Marian L. Neuhouser, PhD, of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, published by JAMA alongside the study, notes that "clinicians can advise their patients with breast cancer that soyfoods are safe to eat and that these foods may offer some protective benefit for long-term health."

Dr. Ballard-Barbash and Dr. Neuhouser continue, "patients with breast cancer can be assured that enjoying a soy latte or indulging in pad thai with tofu causes no harm, and when consumed in plentiful amounts, may reduce risk of disease recurrence."

To add soy to your diet, download easy recipes from the United Soybean Board's SoyConnection, or simply:

Add soymilk to pancakes, smoothies or coffee drinks at breakfastZap frozen edamame in the microwave and sprinkle with spicesPuree an edamame hummus in 5 minutesMix soynuts into trail mix for an on-the-go snack Lightly pan-fry tofu fingers and dip in your favorite sauceStir-fry lean meats, tofu and vegetables in soybean oilSOURCE United Soybean Board