SenoRx wins patent infringement case

September 29, 2015

Adnectins, angiogenesis inhibitors, anthracyclines, antibodies, antisense, aptamers, (aurora) kinase inhibitors, cytokines, HDAC inhibitors, hedgehog signaling pathway inhibitors, MEK-inhibitors, mTOR inhibitors, nanobodies, nucleoside analogues, platinum compounds, siRNA, taxanes, topoisomerase inhibitors, TLR-agonists, tumor activated prodrugs, tyrosine kinase inhibitors, vaccines, vascular disrupting agents, VEGF inhibitors

PharmaDeal Financials databases

PharmaDeal Financials are unique searchable thematic licensing databases, which offer quick and affordable access to financial information on therapeutic license deals.

The databases focus on financial deal specifics (as far as available) for therapeutics over the last 13 years, including potential deal size, upfront, milestone payments, royalties on sales, research funding and equity.

The databases can be installed directly on your computer and are searchable by licensor, licensee, disease area, indication, compound details, compound name, development stage (research - filed for regulatory approval), geographical territory, all financial deal specifics mentioned and by year of deal establishment or any combination thereof.

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