RevMed MRI Technology converts standard grayscale scans to segmented, 3D, color images

September 22, 2015

"What does this mean for RevMed? The number of radiologists has remained constant in recent years, even as the Baby Boomers age and MRI scan counts are steadily climbing. We are nearing an alarming tipping point where there will be more scans than professionals to read them; add to that a potential immediate and substantial shift from CT to MRI and the possibility for widespread misdiagnoses is a real one. Radiologists need a tool that makes the reading of scans more efficient and intuitive, and increases diagnostic confidence even at a faster pace. The RevMed MRI Technology (RevColor, RevDisplay and Rev3D) could provide exactly that solution. With our ability to convert standard grayscale scans to segmented, three-dimensional, color images we can help radiologists arrive at the correct diagnosis much more quickly, and at less risk to the patient."

SOURCE: Revolutions Medical Corp.