Principals of StemTroniX, Power3 Medical Products file patent application

January 29, 2016

While in France to deliver his plenary address to the "European Molecular Histopathology Symposium on the Impact of Personalized Medicine," Dr. Goldknopf, the President and Chief Scientific Officer of Power3, presented some newly discovered results that demonstrate how to apply this breakthrough technology to patient selection, stem cell selection, and modifications for treatment of different forms of Alzheimer's disease. In an interview, Dr. Goldknopf stated that during the week of May 10, 2010, he intends to publicly disclose, in a world wide press release, how this entirely novel, patent pending breakthrough was surprisingly discovered by him while studying the effect of the human genome and its protein identifiers on responses to drug treatment. "I believe that this will become a new paradigm for personalized, regenerative therapy of patients with their own stem cells," stated Dr. Goldknopf. "This new approach underscores the synergy behind the impending acquisition of StemTroniX by Power3."

"StemTroniX has a wealth of complementary adult stem cell therapy technology, know-how and experience," added Dr. Goldknopf. "Its patent portfolio includes a licensed patent and several patent disclosures for monitoring of stem cell therapy, technology to aid in the viability of adult stem cells, injection technology, and non-invasive imaging technology. We see the filing of this provisional patent application as a significant first step towards achieving our joint goal, which is to fulfill the promise of personalized medicine by providing desperately needed diagnosis and targeted therapy for neurodegenerative disease, heart disease and cancer."

SOURCE Power3 Medical Products, Inc.