Novel molecular pathway that regulates invasive growth, metastasis in ER-positive breast cancer discovered

March 27, 2016

"We are proud of the innovations we have introduced with our MRI solutions and are very pleased with our accomplishments to date," said Cameron Piron, President and CEO of Sentinelle Medical. "This merger is a natural fit. Our expertise in MR breast imaging combined with Hologic's resources should further accelerate the adoption of our technology and ultimately benefit physicians and improve patient care."

Benefits of the Acquisition:

The anticipated strategic benefits of the transaction include, among others:

Broadens Hologic's presence in women's health by offering additional products through existing sales channels. Current sales force is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the growing interest in high-performance MR coils for breast imaging.Leverages best-in-class coil technology for leading MR systems across other anatomy-specific applicationsplements Hologic's efforts in bringing beneficial imaging modalities to market through advanced research and development capabilities. This combination is expected to expedite new advances in breast imaging.

SOURCE Hologic, Inc.