NHS cancer patients to receive latest and best treatments available

December 29, 2015

Andrew Lansley, the shadow health secretary said ???We reject the notion that the public should have to take out private medical insurance to get access to the best cancer drugs. Our view is that paying tax should be the equivalent of having comprehensive health insurance. We should not have these arbitrary exclusions on cost grounds.???

This Tory policy is sure to be one of the most prominent manifesto pledges. It is also the most concrete offering on the National Health Service that they have offered. The Labour party is still more trusted to run the health service by the general public, but the Conservatives are gradually catching up.

However the funding of cancer drugs from the National Insurance contributions being scrapped will be just a temporary measure till a new system of payment for NHS drugs can be established. It is scheduled to come into existence in 2014. It will allow more access to the latest and best treatments available to cancer patients.