LCA-NY issues 2009 Report Card on Lung Cancer

August 19, 2015

Number of Deaths -- GRADE: F Lung cancer is the number one cause of cancer death among New York men and women. Five-Year Survival Rate -- GRADE: F Lung cancer is the only major cancer with virtually no improvement in survival for nearly 40 years, and a five year survival rate that has hovered at 15 percent. Number of Late-Stage Diagnoses -- GRADE: F Lung cancer is under-funded and under-researched relative to its public health impact in New York. Number of Newly-Addicted Youth Smokers -- GRADE: F Over 20,000 new "daily" smokers under age 18 become addicted each year in New York. State-Supported Research -- GRADE: D Though there has been no legislation introduced in the state assembly or no lung cancer program in the Governor's budget, support for federal legislation, the Lung Cancer Mortality Reduction Act of 2009, is growing from New York federal legislators.State Cancer Plan Commitment -- GRADE: D The 2003-2010 State Cancer Plan includes important support for tobacco cessation programs, but fails to include strategies to support early detection and treatment options.

"It is time to make a change," continued Goldstein. "LCA-NY will make sure that New York's outstanding hospitals and research centers play a major role in the effort to improve outcomes for the lung cancer."

For more information on the services provided by the Lung Cancer Alliance or to view the complete LCA-NY 2009 Report Card on Lung Cancer, visit the LCA-NY web page: www.lungcanceralliance/newyork

SOURCE Lung Cancer Alliance