Hawthorn announces licensing deal with University of Pittsburgh for novel monoclonal antibodies for cancer

February 03, 2016

Cancer Survivorship and End of Life

Maureen Lyon, PhD at the Children's Hospital National Medical Center will investigate when is the best time to have conversations with teenagers diagnosed with terminal cancer regarding psychological health, quality of life, and plans and actions. The findings have the direct potential to strengthen family relationships and communication, a critical aspect of quality of life and quality of care, and to become a national model for how to have these difficult conversations.

Linda Emanuel, MD PhD of Northwestern University will study whether an intervention can improve the treatment of cancer pain for the more than a half a million cancer-related visits to emergency departments (EDs) each year. Although tested protocols exist, few EDs use them and patients remain in needless pain. The researchers propose to design and test an intervention for rapid-relief pain management in all EDs.

Amy Davidoff, PhD at the University of Maryland, Baltimore will study the effect of supplemental medical and prescription drug coverage on treatment choices and costs of cancer therapy. This study will provide critical information on the relationship between supplemental medical, prescription drug insurance (e.g. Medicare Part D), cancer treatment and financial burden among Medicare beneficiaries.

John D. Merriman, MS, at the University of California, San Francisco, will conduct research to determine if some cancer patients are at greater risk for "attentional fatigue," a decrease in the ability to concentrate for a sustained period of time, as a result of their diagnosis. Mr. Merriman hopes to learn whether certain genes are associated with this symptom, leading to the development of screening tests to predict who will be afflicted and therapies to lessen the severity of the fatigue.

Source: American Cancer Society