Funding levels need to be increased in fight against malaria

January 21, 2016

"This is just one of many examples where diminished intensity in malaria control efforts can lead to disastrous results in terms of human suffering and the loss of lives," said Mikkel Vestergaard Frandsen, CEO of the Group, Vestergaard Frandsen, which is the leading producer of mosquito nets. "We've made such important progress toward controlling the spread of malaria these past few years. We can't afford to let funding backslide and threaten this progress," Mr. Vestergaard Frandsen added.  

Some 250 guests attended the reception, which included a special viewing of the highly successful photographic exhibition Malaria: blood, sweat, and tears by award-winning photographer Adam Nadel.  The exhibition showcases the complex relationships between malaria, poverty and the need for international support for combating the disease on a grand scale.  The exhibition will be on display, free to the public, at the United Nations Main Gallery (entered through the Visitors Lobby, First Avenue at 46th Street) through April 26.  

The exhibition was produced and conceived by the United Kingdom-based Malaria Consortium, the world's leading non-profit organization dedicated to comprehensive control of malaria, and photographer Adam Nadel.  It was made possible with the generous support of Vestergaard Frandsen, a European-based company specializing in complex emergency response and disease-control products, including the PermaNet? long-lasting insecticidal net and net curtains to prevent vector-borne diseases like malaria.  It was produced under the umbrella of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership which is the global framework for coordinated action against malaria.  

SOURCE Vestergaard Frandsen