EvoLife Laboratories introduces cancer care products in USA

December 25, 2015

EvoLife products are utilized at leading oncology centers around the world and have been successfully launched in 15 European countries over the last 12 months. Shilpa Sharan, PhD, MS, Vice President, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs at EvoLife said it is rewarding to hear feedback from patients like Cecilia (TX, USA), "I have used EvoNail a month now and can tell a big difference in my nails. They are much better. EvoNail soothes them and are not as sore as before. The nails are growing out now instead of getting worse as before I started using EvoNail. I'm very pleased with this product. Thank you."

In addition, caregivers have reported positive results. Johanna, (Nurse from London, UK) writes, "EvoSkin has been very effective. I have been giving this to patients receiving head and neck radiation, and they tend to suffer from the worst skin reactions. The patients prefer it to standard aqueous we usually give them at the beginning of treatment. The EvoDeo, an alcohol/metal free deodorant spray, is a big relief for breast cancer patients. Thank you for your ongoing support and help."

EvoLife products can become an integral part of managing patients while they undergo therapy and will continue to support the efforts of dermatologists, oncologists, radiologists and oncology/radiology nurses who are involved with cancer patient care.

SOURCE EvoLife Laboratories