European Breast Cancer Conference in Barcelona, Spain

October 19, 2015

The initiation of this multi-center study, which intends to recruit over 20,000 women, is an important milestone for U-Systems in evaluating new approaches to improved cancer detection. Screening mammography can be limited in women with dense breasts and these women may have a higher risk of breast cancer. ABUS uses ultrasound (sound waves) at a safe frequency to create images of the breast tissue. Ultrasound may demonstrate cancer not visible with mammography in women who have dense breasts. U-Systems has developed the somo???v and is sponsoring the SOMO???INSIGHT clinical study to address the critical need of improved breast cancer detection in dense breasts.

???We are very excited to be initiating the SOMO?·INSIGHT Clinical Study with Dr. Peterson and Radiology Regional Center,??? said Ron Ho, president and CEO of U-Systems. ???The use of the somo???v?„? ABUS in combination with mammography may aid the physician in earlier detection of breast cancer for a large group of asymptomatic women with increased breast density. We believe that somo???v ABUS technology will play a vital role in significantly advancing breast cancer screening and ultimately save lives.???

Source: U-Systems