Chronix Biomedical to launch new disease detection, monitoring service for cancer researchers at 2010 ASCO

February 19, 2016

The new Chronix laboratory service is supporting the work of Dr. Jean-Francois Boileau at the Odette Cancer Centre at Sunnybrook Health Services Centre in Toronto. Dr. Boileau, a surgical oncologist with the Centre's Breast Care Team, has been an investigator for multiple breast cancer trials and is currently the Principal Investigator of a major foundation-funded study of the utility of sentinel node biopsy following neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

Dr. Boileau commented, "It is with great enthusiasm that we will be conducting studies aimed at validating the early results from the Chronix Apoptotic Serum DNA Testing Service, which has shown the ability to distinguish with great accuracy those women who have early breast cancer from those who do not. Also, we will be evaluating whether the Chronix test could be used to predict how different individuals will respond to different breast cancer treatments. We look forward to helping to verify whether the Chronix assay will prove to be an effective way to identify breast cancer at an early stage and if it could be useful in helping to tailor the individual's therapy. The fact that this test can be run using a simple blood sample is a major advantage, and if these new studies validate the early findings, the Chronix approach could be a major contribution to the breast cancer field."

Previously published studies have demonstrated that the Chronix technology can identify the presence or absence of active disease in multiple sclerosis patients and that it can accurately detect early stage breast cancer with high diagnostic sensitivity and specificity. Commercial applications for veterinary use are in development with the University of Calgary, including a test for the early detection of BSE, or mad cow disease.

Source Chronix Biomedical