Breast cancer: Lower dose of radiotherapy in fewer, larger doses as effective as higher total dose

October 25, 2015

Professor John Yarnold, Chief Investigator of the trial from the ICR, said: "Using women's personal ratings of the side effects they experienced since treatment for early breast cancer gives us a unique insight into the effects of the lower dose of radiotherapy compared to the international standard. Trials which follow up patients like this are crucial so that improvements in treatment can be made without compromising the side effects."

Kate Law, director of clinical research at Cancer Research UK, said: "Fewer doses of radiotherapy that are just as effective as the standard treatment and don't increase the side effects will have a big impact for patients, especially as it means less visits to hospital. And, importantly, women in this study themselves reported the side effects they were experiencing. Cancer Research UK will continue to fund future parts of this trial to ensure that women receive the best possible treatment with the minimum amount of side effects."

Source: Cancer Research UK