Baylor Institute of Immunology Research receives nearly $35M as grants in 2009

March 06, 2016

Immunology in pregnant women: As the H1N1 influenza virus has so devastatingly demonstrated, pregnancy can affect the immune system and render pregnant women more susceptible to illness. With funding received this year, BIIR researchers are examining how the immune system changes during pregnancy to hopefully gauge how pregnant women will respond to disease and infection.

"The world-class investigators at BIIR are getting strong peer recognition for their scientific discoveries with this very significant grant support," adds Dr. Ramsay. "The community has also been very generous with philanthropic support which is essential to seed research projects and fill in much needed funds when expenses exceed the grants."

"These awards are due to the extraordinary efforts of our physicians, scientists, researchers and staff," says Jacques Banchereau, PhD, director of BIIR. He says that a history of successful research, along with a consistent ability to translate results into real-world applications, gives BIIR an edge."These grants are crucial to continuing research, given the expense of studies in human health care. As it is at academic institutions, considerable external funding is required to progress," explains Dr. Banchereau.

Dr. Ramsay adds that critical funding for the institute comes from other sources as well, including support from Baylor Health Care System, from commercial and industry partners and from generous philanthropic giving from the local community. "It's thanks to this additional support that BIIR can bring the latest advances to patients in a timely manner."

Dr. Ramsay is also hopeful that 2010 will continue the critical trend of sufficient funding for BIIR's industry-leading medical research. He notes that BIIR scientists have applied for numerous grants which are still pending.

SOURCE Baylor Institute for Immunology Research